Season 2
May 2022 – April 2023

Announcing Season 2's Themes!

May “A Grand Day Out”

Have you ever had one of those wonderful days where you ventured out, and everything just came together beautifully?

For this theme, we would like you to show us your most amazing day out, in a photograph. This can mean many different things to many people. Maybe you finally got a chance to go on that road trip with your best friends, or maybe a family reunion on the beach. Hopefully you brought your camera! Show us your grand day out!


Submissions open for 4 weeks: May 1 – 29th, at midnight.




June "Architecture"

This month’s theme is architecture. Our civilization, and past civilizations, are often defined by their architecture. From functional to spectacular, we are surrounded by structures.

Even a common, well-known structure can be photographed in a unique, imaginative way that no one has discovered before. The possibilities are endless. And certain film can lend itself to certain types of architecture to enhance the mood of the photograph.

We want to see your creative and unique vision of architecture. We look forward to seeing your photos!

Submissions open for 4 weeks: June 1 – 29th, at midnight.





July "Experimental Photography"

For this month’s theme, we are looking for Experimental Photography.
Outside of the normal methodologies of photography, there are a plethora of alternative ways to capture an image on film. We want to you think outside the box on this one.

For example, you can experiment with shooting an image directly on film paper with a pinhole camera, or experiment with cyanotype photography. You can use experimental lenses, or shoot through unusual coloured filters (as long as it’s not digital). Instant film such as Polaroid or Instax can be used, too.

Be very creative! We can’t wait to see what you do!

Submissions open for 4 weeks: July 1 – 29th, at midnight.





Aug "Athleticism"

This month’s theme is athleticism. Whether it’s athletic events or your friends having fun playing sports, the summer is a great time to get out with your cameras and capture some action!

This category encompasses both indoor and outdoor sports of all kinds, from soccer to skateboarding, biking, gymnastics, weightlifting, swimming…the list goes on. Be sure to shoot from a safe distance and give the athletes lots of room.

Have fun!

Submissions open for 4 weeks: Aug 1 – 29th, at midnight.





Sep "Vintage"

This month’s theme is vintage.

We love vintage things! Vintage items hold great sentimental value for many people. There’s just something wonderful about seeing old items, especially when they are revived and repurposed for useful and collectable things today.

Be creative and think of interesting ways to show us your film photos of vintage. Enjoy!

Submissions open for 4 weeks: Sep 1 – 29th, at midnight.





Oct "This Old House"

Our theme this month is “This Old House”. We want your most creative photos of old houses/buildings/structures.

Get creative with the way you shoot the house/structure. It could be an old historical house, or maybe an old barn or church,  or an abandoned creepy old house at the end of the lane … just be careful if it’s haunted!

Make your photo unique! Happy shooting!

Submissions open for 4 weeks: Oct 1 – 29th, at midnight.





Nov "Fish"

Our theme this month is FISH!

Fish are colourful, shiny, silvery subjects and therefore, perfect for photography! We are looking for unique photos featuring fish. This is a broad category, so your photos can represent fish in many ways. They could be fish displayed in a market, or if you’re adventurous, fish swimming underwater. Get close, and make sure the fish is the main focus of your photo.

Good luck, and happy shooting!

Submissions open for 4 weeks: Nov 1 – 29th, at midnight.





Dec "Portrait — Humorous"

This month’s theme is “Portrait”, but we’re looking for something different from the usual portrait theme. We're looking for humorous portraits! Whether you captured a candid portrait of a friend or family member hamming it up, a closeup of mime in action, or you’ve constructed a unique, silly portrait session, we want your most humorous and creative photos.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Have fun!

Submissions open for 4 weeks: Dec 1 – 29th, at midnight.





Jan People Powered Wheels

This month’s theme is people powered wheels*. We’re looking for your best/most creative film photos in a range of photography styles, from street, documentary, sports/action to still life, or even experimental formats.

(*bicycles, roller-skates, skateboards, scooters, unicycles or any other kinds of wheels, as long as they are powered by people and not motors)

Have fun!

Submissions open for 4 weeks: Jan 2nd – 30th, at midnight PST.





Feb Light Painting

This month’s theme is “Light Painting”.

If you’re new to Light Painting in photography — painting with light is an artistic method of using a light source to creatively expose your subject (in the absence of normal ambient/flash lighting). Place your subject in the dark, with your camera set to long exposure (best to use a tripod). During exposure, you “paint” by moving your light source around your subject to creatively light them, often resulting in beautiful and surreal portraits. It’s best to do this in complete darkness, or at least with minimal ambient light, so your light-painting tool is the main source of light.

We look forward to seeing your most creative photos!

Submissions open for 4 weeks: Feb 1 – 28th, at midnight PST.





April — we exhibit the 10 Monthly Winners to find our Season 2 Winner!



Submission page for info and upload link

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